Do I go for a UWP version?

My love for Microsoft knows no bounds. They made Office and VBA of which I mooch off right now, they made C# of which I plan to bee munching off, after a brief romance with Linux in high school I never looked back and was a super happy windows user. SharePoint… We don’t talk about SharePoint ;).

So it pains me greatly to see on my own learnings why so many Developers decided “It’s not worth the market share” to create a Windows Phone version. Even with Xamarin that is bought up by Microsoft you have: In Android and iOS you have very similar (or even the same) implementations but for windows, you have to x,y,z… And when you are less standardized than Apple you know you fucked up.

  • What do I mean? Examples:
    SQLite implements the same on iOS and Android, Windows? Naaaah lets do it our way – BTW might be just my machine but I had serious issues even Installing the NuGet for SQLite on to the UWP project
  • Everyone has nice folders to sort different sized images, or a naming convention in one folder, Windows? Root directory bitches!!!!

I’m sure there is more, while these are all minor gripes that any Dev worth their salt overcomes stacking, even more, things that can produce issues is hard to justify it.
I will definitely Try and the goal remains a true Cross-Platform App, but if doing UWP will mean that I won’t be able to complete the project in time? Well, I’m sorry Bill I’ll do it after the competition just for you :).



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