Project Methodologies: Fail Faster

I am 75% thru Udemy Xamarin Course (I recommend Moshes course 4,5/5).

Time to start looking at how I want to build my app, first of all, general methodology Waterfall? Agile? Cmon I am one developer not going thru that with this, there is one thing I really want to try it is…

Fail Faster (all credit to the Extra Credits Crew), basically fail faster means you show what you made to other people as soon as you have anything to show. Something I do at my job every day, my colleagues often say “Well this is a work in progress right?”, damn straight it is but they still can give me feedback on what they don’t like about it already. But that is all in close collaboration never tried it on something that is completely alien to my audience we’ll see :).

This is super powerful and while I understand why some developers only want to show stuff to people when “it is finished”:

  1. It’s never finished and you know it…
  2. When it’s finished it is a bit late to start making changes don’t you think?

So I will go the whole mile draw a mock-up discuss with people, leave them alone with my UI and see how they react to it, this is going to be fun 🙂


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