GymRun – App analysis to find the best UI

So the app does not have the main menu all interactions are performed from a list view


Now personally I prefer to have the main menu to my app to direct the user to view he needs but a lot of app actually work like that need to give it some thought. You can either create a workout or use a preset you created like in my app.


Then in the workouts, you see all your exercises, nice simple UI also the same as my app, however, I prefer my apps view of this with having the workout details on top not requiring additional clicks to see/edit. The start workout button is taking too much space.


This leads us to the workout view, a beautiful carousel view of each set. This is something I can aspire to, however, I would like to use more space to make a more cohesive view oh how the reps went, you have a beautiful image of the exercise but do you needs it? On top of having this:


Nice idea it queries the Youtube API for videos nice feature.

So I like the UI but I want to give more space to the actual workout, not images.

Next up we have JEFIT and FitNotes I have a serious goal of doing both this weekend :).




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