JEFIT – App analysis to find the best UI

First annoyance the app requires you to log in as soon as you open it, please don’t do this… It’s a really shitty thing to do…

JEFIT at the start gives us kind of a main menu in a form of a tabbed view spanning across all the functionalities that you would need:


We’ve got workouts exercises and logs. Overall + for having the main menu in my book!

Let’s go out of order and check out the exercises page:


Now this to me is overdesigned. And having bane from batman as your model is not helping with me liking your app… Overall to some people it may look nice and can help out if you don’t know where your chest is… Well, then you can check out Bane’s sweet pecks to identify them.


Now the exercise list I like, very cool way of using a tabbed view in your app to have multiple functionalities on one page, where most of them are only going to be useful to some of your customers + for that guys.

Looking at the workouts:


Having pre-set workouts is always nice, and the UI here is very nice and clean, I wonder how it looks in terms of views… there is definitely a tabbed view like everywhere else, and the other one? List view with cool custom cells? Most likely, I hope they don’t generate each one of those in code-behind…


Now so far it has been swing and miss but this is just bad, not only did I had problems understanding what is this asking me to do, it takes you to a different screen after you rest and pops you back again after it’s done (you can even see the navigation view UI elements on top). Most of the screen is covered in those weird scroll things that neither look good nor help out. So no not using anything from here.


Why is this not a pop-up! Cmon! But thanks to you guys I now know that I need to make a pop-up with a timer :).


And one more cool thing I am DEFINETLY stealing is this part where when you start a workout and go somewhere else in the app the two buttons display allowing you to immediately go back or close your session very nice!

Overall JEFIT is pretty good, but the most important screen of the app to me requires work :(.




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