Fitness Buddy – App analysis to find the best UI

Fitness Buddy popped up on my app store as a promotion for 0,5 zł (10 cents? +/-), why the hell not lets take a look 🙂


Nice exercise details, not going to do it because it would take quite a significant amount of time to collect this info and this project is not about data collection but coding.


This is just the way I want mine to be only I want to use the list view a little bit better and add a description of the workout below the name. Right now it does not give too much information at a first glance…


Workout details, perfect, a great thing I may put in late is the separation of workout parts I like it. Right now it’s a bit too much of a change for a part I am done with (well 1-3 hours of coding, but I just feel I can spend it better).


So far I was very positive but this is kind of meh to me:

  • You can’t put in individual weight for a rep, not everyone does 5×5…
  • It’s not very attractive is it now?
  • On a very much + side it is super intuitive!


Notes… Notes everywhere, it’s not facebook yo! This I like but because it gave me an idea on how to show progress in my app, so the weight will be on Y axis and a number of reps will be color coded (>50% of set reps RED, <=50%>75% AMBER, <=75%>=100% GREEN, >100% BLUE) Easy to read and gives a cool indication of whether you are not putting up too much weight :).

It’s again an OK app really, gave me some really good ideas!


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