It works?

Now as software developers we know that if something runs on the first try it either just did something terrible in the back-end that we are not seeing or It didn’t do anything at all…

And I am not going to lie it took me 1h to build the view model, add methods to the store, and then 45 mins to find out that I did not created a setter and getter for my main collection…


public ObservableCollection<ModelExercise> ModelExercises  = new ObservableCollection<ModelExercise>();


public ObservableCollection<ModelExercise> ModelExercises { get; private set; } = new ObservableCollection<ModelExercise>();

It’s stupid shit like that that makes you question your life as a coder ><.


To do now:

  1. Remove that ugly ass html from the API 😦
  2. Change the buttons so that the drag down refreshes the dataset
  3. Build the Creator based on this
  4. Add muscle groups and sort/divide the list by them
  5. Add ability to edit/create new ones
  6. (optional) add images from the API

Super duper proud of myself 🙂


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