A little guide on dealing Xamarin errors

So… I  sank around 3 hours into fixing this across 2 days… Turns out there is nothing wrong with the Picker, nothing wrong with my solution… The issue was within Xamarin.

Mono just got confused and was killing everything…

While digging thru the logs of the output I found out that the issue was linked to XamlFilePathAttribute so while there was no direct thread related to my issue I found this post, and it saved my life bottom line to fix a variety of issues with this class:

  • Cleanup solution
  • Close Xamarin Studio/VS
  • Remove all .bin and .obj folders in all projects.
  • Open Xamarin Studio/VS and rebuild the solution.

The Rebuild word is key be sure to


And not just try to debug it again like I did. Now everything works perfectly:


One thought on “A little guide on dealing Xamarin errors

  1. Hey,
    I’ve also met many “weird” issues related to Xamarin itself when working with it in Visual Studio. I really recommend setting build output verbosity to Diagnostic in Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> Build and Run which gives a detailed info why the build failed in the Output window in such cases 🙂


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