It’s not horrible: Lightworks

So when most people try to create a montage they use Windows Movie Maker it, however, lack a lot of features. While Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas are not super expensive most of us do montages 1-3 times per yer at most. So the ~70 EUR price tag is a bit steep. Luckily there are alternatives I use one of them Lightworks.

My favorite part is how closely it resembles the aformentioned Vegas and Premiere:


So you have your clip viewer your full audio processed output clip sources and most importantly timelines.

Triming videos is easy:


You click the beginning watch till you want to stop the crop (or scroll you can view it at a variety of speeds from frame to frame to 300%). Then select the endpoint. After that, with one click you can insert your crop into the video with one click (the two buttons on the right).

What is missing/hard to find, I did miss the opportunity to easily change each audio tracks volumes, I ended up with poorer audio than I’d like :(. The free version also limits you to 720p.

Overall with its similarities to the top products on the market it allowed me to create this in ~4h of work (from the install to the final product).It’s nothing earth shattering but we liked and is a nice memoir.