PowerShell challenge

Time to “Git gut” at something new. So I decided to have a bit of challenge in two weeks and spend the entire weekend (25-26.04.2017) operating my PC using only PowerShell, despite giving myself 2 weeks prep time it will probably the most google intensive weekend of my life.

Rules (which I will most likely change after reading some more)

  1. If I can do something in PowerShell I do it in PowerShell so for example if I want to open a web page:
    $IE=new-object -com internetexplorer.application
  2. If something does not work with PowerShell it get’s a pass (I’m not going to play games, for example, using a console…)
  3. We go in hardcore with Admin Privileges, if I break the system… So be it, at least I won’t do it again 😉
  4. Everything I manage to do I will screenshot and add to a new post in 2 weeks

Here’s to a fun weekend!